Today we will focus on some great tips for casino players. No matter if you are starting your journey or you are already a master, when it comes to playing in casino. There are some things that can be easily missed. Common mistakes can happen to pro and new players. Our list will help you to avoid all of them!


1 – Details

Ok, we know that this one might be super obvious, however we still get emails about it. Every casino site will ask you for details like name, address, date of birth, phone number and so on. It might feel like it’s a bit too much, that’s why many players decides to use fake details. That’s the worse thing you could do. If you will use fake details you will never see your (potential) winnings.

Let’s say you wanted to use no deposit free spins and you have registered account with some fake data. You are playing and then boom! You’ve hitted the biggest win you’ve ever seen. You will head over to withdrawal tab to cash out your great win. But how will you do it, when account is registered on the person that doesn’t even exist?

You can be sure that you will receive verification request and you will not be able to verify details from the account. Is it worth it to lose all the winnings for something like that? Obviously not! That’s why you should always register real details when creating a new account on casino site.

2 – Bonuses

This applies not only to welcome offers but also to monthly deposit bonuses that you will often receive from casinos. Always pick the offer with lowest possible wagering. The lowest it is the more chances you have to actually make a cashout. Some offers can have incredible request regarding wagering. If the wagering is highest than 25 times you will need a miracle to make a withdrawal. Check wagering of the offer before you will activate it, as it might be not worth it to use it.

3 – Free Spins

We will always recommend to use all the free spins before you will make a deposit. Why is that? If you win something during the free spins, your real money might get locked in bonus money. You will then need to complete turn over of the bonus money before you can transfer your winnings. Rule is simple – play free spins before you make a deposit or when you don’t have any real money available in your account balance.

4 – Payments

As you already know we recommend e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. You can save a lot of time when using this option. No need to wait for 2-5 working days for your winnings, like it happens with bank and credit card transfer. With e-wallets you will get your money right away. Sounds great, right? And it truly is, don’t waste time and money on any other methods.

5 – Follow Casino Sites

Want to take a full advantage of your casino account? First of all sign up for all the newsletters and sms notifications. You will never miss any offer that is available for your account. There is also one more thing – start following casino sites on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can find many unique offers there, that you will not be able to find on the casino page. Keep your eyes open, and you might get some no deposit free spins.

6 – Currency

Ok, playing in dollars might look cool, but if it’s not the currency that you are using on your bank or e-wallet account, you will end up losing a lot of money. Currency conversion is almost never on your side, rates provided by bank are super low and your winnings will be decreased when you will request a withdrawal. Remember to always register account in your own currency.

7 – Games

Ok, some players like to stick to one favourite game, and that’s completely fine. However we highly recommend you trying as many games as you can. Ok it will take you ages to do it, but there’s one option that will come in very handy. Many sites decided to offer multi play option. With this feature you can play up to 4 casino slots at the same time. Who knows, maybe you will find your new favourite and hit some huge win? Try it out!

8 – Be careful

Maybe you know it, maybe you don’t – but you can’t play in casino from anywhere in the world. Some countries are not allowed to use certain casino sites and if you will try to log in from them you might block your casino account. We all like to play on holidays to have even more fun, but check up front if you are allowed to do it. Best way to do it is either check Terms and Conditions or contact casino support using email, phone or live chat option.

9 – Verifcation

Best tip in here is to be prepared. If you have your photo copies ready, you will save a lot of time. That’s why it’s the best to prepare copies of ID, utility bill, credit card or e-wallet account before. When you will receive request regarding documents you will be able to send them in seconds. It will speed up the verification process and you will receive your winnings quicker.

10 – Have fun

That might be one of the most important tips. Have fun when you play in casino! Remember that you can never predict any outcome in casino, of course it’s great to hit a nice win, but be preapred that it may not happen. Never spend more that you can afford, as it’s super important to keep it responsible. If you will notice that you have any problems with your gambling activity – reach out for help. We can recommend you site¬†¬†where you can find all the information regarding responsible gaming.


That’s all! We have reached the end. We hope you will find our tips useful – if you have your own tips that other players could use – let us know in the comment.