First Registration in Online Casino

If you are a new player registration is the first step that you need to take in order to start playing in online casino page. We will guide you through the process to make sure that it will go smoothly and without any problems.

Why do I need use my real data?

First of all we will answer the question that we hear very often in our office. Why do I need register my real details and why casino needs so much information about me?

Answer is simple – casino is obligated by the licence to confirm your identity. If you will register account using fake details it will not be possible to verify who is using the account. Online casinos operates with real money and players are using credit cards, e-wallets or bank accounts.

When money comes in – there is no place for risk. We can guarantee you that there is no single casino site that will accept deposit from the credit card which is issued on the different name that it’s listed on the casino account. This way casino protects you and also themselves.

If security department will notice any unusual activity on the account – such as deposit made with card which is not linked to the user, they will block the account for further verification. That’s why it’s super important to follow the guidelines and terms and conditions. If account will fail the verification it will be permanently blocked and possible winnings will be deducted.

What details I need to provide?

On every site you will need to provide following details to register:

  • name and surname
  • date of birth
  • home address (street, postal code, city and country)
  • phone number
  • email address
  • password
  • optional: username, security question and answer

All details needs to match your real data and you need to be prepared for verification. As a home address you need to include the same address as the one which is issued on your utility bills and bank statement.

After registration you will receive either email with verification link or SMS with code. After you will validate your account you are ready to log in and start playing.