Payments methods in online Casinos

You have just created account with casino and you are probably wondering which payment method will be the best for you. When you click on deposit you will see multiple options – it’s really important to pick the one which suits you the best.

Credit card

Credit card is the most common options used by players. It’s fast, secured and really easy to use. To make a deposit with this deposit method you need enter card number, your name (as it’s shown on the card) and CVV code. In some banks there is additional verification required, it’s called S3D. If your card is protected with S3D then you will be required to confirm deposit by sms code or by logging in to your bank account. After that money will be added to your account.

It’s worth to mention that this method comes with additional fee – it’s usually 2.5% of the deposited amount. If you will deposit €100 you will pay in total €102.5.  If you make a lot of deposits this amount can grow to significant amount. In that case you can consider different methods which are free of charge.

Another thing that you may not like about this method is the withdrawals. Deposits comes instantly, however for withdrawal you will need to wait from 2-5 working days. It’s not perfect situation especially if you would like to enjoy your winnings right away.


This payment method has gained a lot of true fans. It allows you to make instant deposit and withdrawals, which is why it’s so popular. Two of the most popular providers are Skrill and Neteller. You can create account for free and upload money using bank transfer or credit card.

When you will upload money you will be able to use them for online shopping or in online casinos. To make a deposit you will need to provide username and password. Money will be added instantly to account and you are ready to use them right away.

If you will make a withdrawal with this payment method – you will receive as soon as Payments Department will process your transaction. To make it even easier and faster for you – you can create debit card which will be linked to your e-wallet account. It will allow you to access your money instantly with ATM or you can use this card as any other one in the stores and restaurants.

There may be additional fees on withdrawals from ATM, however they are usually not higher than €2.5-€3. You can of course withdraw money from e-wallet to your bank account – this will come with higher fee of around €7.5.  Even with the fees it’s still a good option to go with. You will not need to wait for days for your winnings and you can enjoy them as soon as you will receive them.

Bank transfer

This is the only method which comes completely for free. You can make deposit and withdrawals and no extra charge will be added. The bad thing is the waiting time. Not every bank and site offers instant deposits – you will need to wait for 2-5 working days for money to arrive on your casino account. Same thing comes to withdrawal. As soon as cash out is confirmed it will take 2-5 workings days to receive the bank transfer.

Remember that in ever site you are only allowed to use payments methods which are registered on your own name. You cannot use any credit card or e-wallet account which doesn’t belong to you. Even if it’s a friend or family member it will not be allowed. In such cases your account with casino may be permanently blocked.